Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Learning Comes Naturally - PBS

kids learning about toads
kids learning about toads (photo by JHY)
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from the Learning Child Series

"When Learning Comes Naturally" is a new video from the Learning Child Series.

It asks the question, "How can children be encouraged to make a lasting connection to nature?" Four schools in New York, New Jersey and California which have made an effort to incorporate nature activities into their curricula are featured. Discovery is encouraged through outdoor play, activities and creative endeavors.

The documentary shows how children must develop a sense of value for the natural world before they can care for it and develop an "ethic of environmental responsibility."

The description states: "Integral to these nature programs are facilities that are not often seen in a standard schoolyard – gardens, small trails and outdoor 'green adventure' areas. These may not take up much room at all, but allow for the discoveries and choices that are vital to child development and learning."

I saw the program on PBS this weekend, and it is full of great ideas for connecting children with the wonders of nature.

The Learning Child Series are videos produced for public television. They are meant to be an aid to parents and teachers. These programs are carried by over 150 PBS stations. The video can also be ordered.

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