Friday, October 30, 2009

Win a Year of Skiing

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based on a news release of MSIA

As in several previous years the Michigan Snowsports Industries Association (MSIA) has produced a card that allows the holder to ski at 28 different Michigan ski areas this winter for just $189.

This year, to encourage skiers to try all the great slopes in Michigan, MSIA has also created a challenge for White Gold Card participants. "The first person to use the White Gold Card at all 28 Michigan ski areas will win a card for the 2010/2011 ski season," MSIA chairman, Steve Kershner announced. To win, White Gold Card holders must ski at all the ski areas and then send MSIA their punched-out White Gold Card accompanied by a used lift ticket from each of the ski areas.

The MSIA White Gold Card, entitles purchasers to ski one time at each of the participating ski areas during the 2009/2010 ski season. Also included is one free ski tune-up (edge sharpen and wax) at participating MSIA ski retailers. Paying for each of these tickets and the tune-up individually would cost over $900.

The card is valid for the entire ski season, except for December 24, 2009 through January 4, 2010. The cards are non-refundable and non-transferable. To get the tune-up, White Gold Card purchasers take their skis or boards to one of the over 40 participating ski shops. Only 400 cards are produced, so act quickly to get yours.

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