Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Michigan DNR and DEQ to Recombine

Bruce Rasher
Bruce Rasher
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based on news from WZZM TV 13

By order of Governor Granholm, on January 17, 2010, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Natural Resources will recombine into one unit, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The original division was made by former Governor John Engler.

The combination is supposed to save the state $1.5 million a year. What this will mean for any of the resources overseen by departments no one knows.

In the letter sent to state workers, the following paragraph refers to trails:
Trails Advisory Council. A seven-member Trails Advisory Council will be established under the executive order, and the functions of the existing Snowmobile Advisory Council and Michigan Trailways Advisory Council, which are being abolished under the order, will be given to this council. The Michigan Trails Advisory Council will focus on the creation, development, operation, and maintenance of snowmobile, equestrian, hiking, skiing, and off-road vehicle trails.

Bruce Rasher, with a fisheries and wildlife degree from MSU, has been appointed as transition manager. Rasher is a former mayor of the city of Marshall and has many years of experience at Consumers Energy. He will oversee the changes needed until a permanent director is chosen in January.

"The new department will be leaner, more efficient and better able to manage our natural resources and protect our environment," Lt. Governor John Cherry said.

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