Monday, March 9, 2009

Scottville Riverside Park Prevails in Permit Suit

based on a news item in the Ludington Daily News

Improvements made at Scottville Riverside Park last year have been hotly contested by Jeff Henry, owner of Henry's Landing Campground just downstream on the opposite side of Scottville Road. On February 11, Administrative Law Judge Richard Lacasse ruled that the City acted properly. The judge stated both that the city was the proper applicant and that the permit had been processed properly.

At issue are two handicap accessible observation decks that were added at the edge of the Pere Marquette River. Henry claims that fill added to the site has changed the currents of the river, and that now he will need to add a seawall to stabilize the bank near his campground.

Amy Hansen, Scottville City Manager, said that she was pleased with the outcome. "We knew we did nothing wrong," she affirmed. She also stated that it was too bad that the situation came to this. It has already cost the city over $10,000 in legal fees.

Henry, on the other hand continues to maintain that the river has been altered. He wishes that the case had been studied in the spring rather than fall, when the water was higher. He has not decided whether to appeal.

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Sandy said...

Men often alter the course of streams, rivers etc, then later after damage is done spend more money to put things back the way they were. You'd think in this day and age with the ability to truly research projects, that would have been done before they messed with it.

few new places to travel to swing by, no packing necessary

Sharkbytes said...

I've tried to keep the news item even-handed. If you saw these platforms you would laugh at the idea that the river had been altered. Many local people view Henry's actions as a grudge nuisance suit. Both campgrounds flood in the spring and these two miniscule platforms don't change that in the least.

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