Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eagle Release Set for March 29, Pentwater

juvenile eagle
this juvenile eagle will be released by Braveheart Raptor Rescue (photo from WZZM-TV)
based on a news article from WZZM-13 TV

Sue Stamy's Braveheart Raptor Rehabilitation Center will release a juvenile bald eagle into the wild this Sunday. The eagle was near death from lead poisoning when it was brought to Stamy on January 25. The young raptor is about one year old. Lead poisoning is a common problem in birds who eat fish because of the use of lead sinkers. Just this past December, two eagles brought to Sue with lead poisoning both died.

Braveheart Center is located in a rural area near Twin Lake, Michigan. There Stamy rehabilitates owls, eagles, hawks and other large birds who have been injured. Some don't make it. Others are poor candidates for release and live on, serving educational purposes. But Sue is most happy when she can send a bird back to live in its natural habitat.

Those wishing to celebrate the success story of this eagle may attend the release party. Meet at 2 pm, Sunday, March 29, at the Driftwood Golf Course. The address is 3902 Washington Road, (at the corner of Washington and Brye, east of US-31 at Exit 158) in Pentwater, Mich. If the weather is bad, the release will be moved to the following Sunday, April 5th.

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