Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clean Those Bluebird Houses!

eastern bluebird
eastern bluebird (photo by JHY)
compiled from several sources

Georgia Donovan, President of the Dwight Lydell Chapter of the Izaak Walton League wrote in their March newsletter: "As spring nears, it’s time for cleaning. Those of you who know me well of course realize that I’m not talking about my house; I’m talking about cleaning out the birdhouses. Yes, it’s time to send the mice packing and advertise for bluebirds and swallows. Along the bluebird trail I had the satisfaction of cleaning 10 houses, without once stirring up the dust in my own. (My mom’s in Florida so I can say that.) Those bluebirds and chickadees are making big plans and you can be a part of it!"

And the bluebirds are back! They have been in Scottville for over a week. Make a bluebird box or two and help keep Mason County populated with bright flashes of blue.

Bluebird boxes can be mounted on poles, fence posts, utility poles or trees. Ideally the bottom of the nest box should be 5 feet above the ground and not easily reached by predators. For plans to build boxes and more complete information about placement follow the links below.

See Peterson Bluebird Box Plans
See Bluebird Box Plans suitable for children to build
See Bluebirds Forever, for placement and mounting information
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Shelley said...

Great reminder! I just cleaned out our Wood Duck box and our chickadee boxes last weekend. I've always wanted bluebirds - but I don't think they'll visit us at the lake.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks, Shellmo! I love the little blue guys!

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