Sunday, March 22, 2009

Read A Summer Odyssey the Origin of the Great Western Trail

cover of A Summer Odyssey
from HikingPress

Over the course of a long, hard summer, two men hiked in the Rockies from Canada to Mexico. The journey through Idaho, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico would change their lives and help create a new national trail.

This is their story...

Twenty-nine-year-old James Mayberger, of New York, launches the greatest journey of his life when he attempts to conquer the Great Western Trail in five grueling months of backpacking. His companion is Simon Cordial, an Englishman with an equally adventurous spirit. With only bare necessities on their backs they embark upon the unprecedented 2,400-mile journey through mountains and deserts from Canada to Mexico. In this vivid account that pits Man against Nature, they experience the physical, emotional, and psychological extremes of the human condition.

A Summer Odyssey: Forging America's Great Western Trail is now available as either an electronic book (E-book) or trade paperback. Both formats include over one hundred color photographs of the actual trek.

Little, Brown and Company writes, "It is wonderfully written, and it serves as both an education in the wilderness, a sort of "Back to Basics," Emersonian notion of Romanticism, as well as an education in self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and on the most basic level, friendship." ,

Either in e-book or paperback format, A Summer Odyssey is available at The first two chapters can be read for free!

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The Author said...

Thanks for sharing the information about the book. It's one I definitely want to read.

Sharkbytes said...

I have quite a list that I want to get. This is one of them, of course. I try to post info about new (or even new to me) books about quiet, muscle-powered outdoor rec here. I have a hard time finding much of anything about horseback riding. Thanks for stopping by!

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