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Michigan Log Cabin Day

log cabin sketch
from Log Cabin Crafts

The 23rd Annual Log Cabin Day in Michigan will be June 28, 2009. Festivals and Tours will be held at 100 locations. These will include historic, authentic cabins. Many are off the beaten track in picturesque locations. Some are preserved in pioneer villages. New log cabins may also be viewed.

On December 9, 1986, the Michigan Legislature passed a resolution proclaiming Log Cabin Day on June 28, 1987 for the Sesquicentennial. On that day there was a tour of seven Berrien County log cabins along with four other Log Cabin Day events in the state.

Because of public response, the Legislature passed a bill to make Log Cabin Day annual, signed by Gov. James J. Blanchard on June 15, 1989. As recorded in the Statutes of Michigan: "The last Sunday of June of each year shall be known as 'Log Cabin Day.' "

Michigan is the only state which has an annual statewide log cabin festival. Of the hundreds of log cabins which have been on the annual Log Cabin Day parade since 1987, at least seven were built before 1840.

The Log Cabin Society of Michigan was incorporated in 1988 to sponsor this event and to discover, preserve, and promote log cabins in Michigan. An award of merit was received in 1991 from the Historical Society of Michigan.

For a brochure with map, send $1.00 to: Log Cabin Society of Michigan, 3503 Rock Edwards Drive, Sodus, MI 49126-8700. Admission is usually free unless otherwise stated. Some cabins will be closed but can be seen from highway

A listing of the 100 cabins, their locations, and some additional information can be seen at the web site.

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