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Extremity Games for those with Limb Loss or Difference

kiteboarder Sean Reyngoudt competing in the 2007 Extremity Games
kiteboarder Sean Reyngoudt competing in the 2007 Extremity Games (photo from
information from the Extremity Games web site

Extremity Games are high-performance sports competitions for people living with limb loss or limb difference. The first ever Extremity Games was held in 2006 with over 500 participants.

For 2009, athletes will compete at various venues in eastern Michigan . The games will be held July 9-11. Events include skateboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, wakeboarding, mountain biking and Moto-X.

The Games allows participants to demonstrate skill, persistence and passion while competing for cash and other prizes - proving There’s No Replacement for the Competitive Spirit™.

Individuals, 13 years and older, living with limb loss or limb difference are eligible to compete. There is a $50 entrance fee per athlete. There is no fee for spectators other than what may be charged to enter a particular venue. The skateboarding is held at South Street Skate Park, Rochester, MI, the rock climbing at Planet Rock, Pontiac, the water events at Buell Lake, Clio, and the bicycling and Moto-X in Michigan's thumb at Millington. Registration for all events is now open.

Founding sponsor College Park Industries has been pleased at the response. In 2007, Extremity Events Network, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation was founded to establish a neutral framework, in which all orthotic and prosthetic manufacturers and professionals, as well as outside industry sponsors, can comfortably contribute and get involved in sports.

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