Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time to Take the Back Road

Sable River
The Big Sable River at Darr Road
by Joan H. Young

Point five in the Shark's Wisdom Tooth says, "Never take the interstate if you have time to take the back road."

Taking my own advice, I avoided even US 31 driving home the other day. Due to the Big Sable and Lincoln Rivers there are very few north-south roads that go all the way between Manistee County and US 10. Darr Road, just a mile east of the highway doesn't go the whole distance either, but it does have a bridge over the Big Sable.

The sun was bright and the sky blue. Big Sable beckons me to explore its navigability by kayak. And even a dirt road can be very appealing, given sunshine and autumn colors.
Darr Road with fall colors
Darr Road looking south from the Big Sable River bridge

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