Sunday, October 5, 2008

Arlen Matson a Modern-Day Pathfinder

The following is an excerpt from a story which we believe is worthy of reading, but would lose too much of its charm if it were re-written for presentation on this blog. Please link through for the rest of the story, but hurry back! ... Editor

by Mike Terrell

Arlen Matson (left) at the Hodenpyl bridge project
(photo credit John Heiam)
"You could call him Pathfinder, and like the legendary figure of colonial times he spends much of his time on the trail.

Arlen Matson, local retired grade school teacher, has been involved in much -- if not all -- of the labor building 90 miles of the North Country Trail that bisects the Grand Traverse region.

"I started working on the North Country Trail (NCT) back in the mid-1980s... "

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