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Lake Ann Beach to be Township Park in 2009

Lake Ann
Lake Ann, Benzie County, MI
photo by Sally Arnold from the Lake Ann web site
from the Grand Traverse Herald, by Carol South, October 14, 2008, and other sources

Benzie County’s Almira Township is looking to expand its park system to add 1.65 acres on Lake Ann. At this time the township’s extensive park system taken with the Lake Ann State Forest allow for camping, fishing access and a boat launch, hiking and mountain bike trails, but no swimming area.

The purchase of this parcel will make it possible to add this recreation opportunity. The township, Almira Citizens for Preservation and the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy have teamed up to provide $200,000 that will be combined with a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant to meet the cost of the purchase.

Included in the plan for the property are a beach and picnic areas, changing areas, restrooms, open spaces, and parking. The area will be handicap accessible. Although located in a residential area there would be screening from nearby homes, and quiet hours to promote good relationships with the neighbors.

A spaghetti dinner was held on October 10 to help raise funds toward the purchase. This is one event in a string of fundraisers for what will be known as Almira Township Lakefront Park. Donations are being accepted, and there will be another dinner auction fundraiser, April 25, 2009.

Rapid success of the project depends on the acceptance of the proposal by the Natural Resources Trust Fund. Those decisions are made in December.

Lake Ann is a small resort community located 12 miles west of Traverse City, Michigan.

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