Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Outdoor Foundation Asks You to Say “I Will” Take a Kid Outside

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a news release of The Outdoor Industry Association

The Outdoor Foundation I Will campaign supports healthier children, healthier communities and healthier businesses by asking every individual to share their passion for the outdoors with the youth in their lives and community. Specifically, it asks each of us to commit to connecting youth with the outdoors by pledging to share an outdoor experience with at least two youth in the next year.

At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, more than 2,500 outdoor industry members took the I Will pledge, impacting more than 5,000 kids. Since then, stories have been pouring in about the outdoor experiences industry members have shared with youth. Some headed out on memorable hikes, others explored their urban spaces and many others visited a national park or two.

You can now help continue the success of I Will by bringing the campaign to your company. The Outdoor Foundation is developing a corporate toolkit for the I Will program to help companies bring the I Will campaign to their coworkers. Click here to view it online.

Industry leader Cloudveil, creator of inspired mountain apparel, started the corporate I Will charge last week when they combined the I Will pledge with a planned office service project. Cloudveil employees took to their community for a day and helped an early education center rebuild and revitalize its outdoor play area. Ten employees spent the day clearing old play equipment and building new play areas, finishing the day by signing the I Will pledge. Cloudveil has plans to make the pledge part of all their future service work in the community as well.

By asking your coworkers to make the I Will pledge or combining your company's existing outreach program with the I Will pledge, as Cloudveil has, you can help impact youth across the country. Learn more about the I Will corporate program online. There you can read more about Cloudveil’s service project, download the I Will corporate toolkit, and learn how you can order I Will materials such as buttons and placards for your office. If we each commit to connecting two kids with the outdoors, our combined impact will be enormous.

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PSEO said...

If you are looking for some inspiration...check out Kids Off the Couch. They pair a movie or some kind of digital media with an OFF the couch adventure. They have a blog, too. or Remember the days when you couldn't get kids to come in from playing? Now we have to pry them away from a monitor.

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