Friday, November 20, 2009

Trailnote- Free, Easy, Peace of Mind

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Trailnote is a free messaging service for all outdoor adventurers. The basic idea is to provide a way to send an emergency message to people of your choice.

To use this service you simply create a message about your trip. Give a description of your hiking (canoeing, sailing, climbing, etc) plans. Enter a start and end time for the trip, and mark the location on a digital map. Then create a list of people to be notified if you do not check in my a certain time. These messages can be relayed by email or text messaging.

If you return as scheduled you simple use the web site or a web-enabled phone to cancel the emergency message. You will receive a reminder warning notice if you do not check in. If you do not cancel the message, it will be sent to the people on your list, alerting them that you are overdue. It will be up to those people to contact emergency personnel or take other action.

Trailnote says, "Whenever you or a group hikes, bikes, kayaks, climbs, skis, surfs, jogs, walks, drives, rock crawls, 4x4s, boats, sails, flys, dives, cross countrys, camps, spelunks, or just plain roam about... make sure you are protected!"

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