Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let Your Horse Out!

horse in field
(photo by JHY)
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from the United States Equestrian Federation

Let your horse out! Show off your best friend by entering your horse's profile at Club Equestrian. Sign up for free, and add your horse to the growing list of horse profiles.

Enter information about your animal's registry, gender, age, name and location. You can upload a picture of your special equine. Choose favorites to keep in a file of "my horses."

Club Equestrian is the web site of the United States Equestrian Federation. The USEF is "dedicated to uniting the equestrian community, honoring achievement, and serving as guardians of equestrian sport." The Federation aims to promote excellence for both horses and humans in equestrian sports. They fund the United States Equestrian Team in international competitions, and license events in this country.

The Federation headquarters are located in the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

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