Thursday, November 12, 2009

New State Park Funding On Brink of Passage

Michigan state park sticker
2008 Michigan State Park sticker
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based on news stories in the Detroit News and M-Live

Since April, Michigan lawmakers have been working on options to fund state parks, since money for their operation has been removed from the General Fund. The State Senate has just approved a plan which would eliminate the annual park stickers and replace it with a system which adds a voluntary charge to vehicle license plates.

When a person renews their license plates they will be asked if they wish to pay an extra $10 which will allow them to enter, by honor system, any state park. Those who choose not to pay the extra $10, will be issued a warning if the vehicle is noted within a park. A second offense will result in a fine. Out-of-state visitors would still pay for daily or annual stickers.

If only 17% of vehicle registrations agree to pay the additional $10 a year, funding for the parks would remain at the same level. For individuals, it is a great deal, because the annual cost is reduced from $24 to $10. Montana uses a similar system and about 60% of vehicle owners choose to pay the extra fee.

The bill will now go to the Michigan House of Representatives, where it is expected to pass.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the road construction industry oppose the bill because they believe all transportation fees should go for road and bridge construction. Environmental groups and the Michigan United Conservation Clubs support it, noting that total revenues are very likely to increase.

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