Monday, September 7, 2009

Traverse Area VASA—NCT—KART Trail Connections

Trail Opening Grand Traverse Hikers
representatives from the NCTA, DNR, TART, KART, and Senator Carl Levin
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from the Grand Traverse Hikers, Sept 2009 newsletter

On Saturday June 6, National Trails Day, a large group of people gathered at Guernsey Lake and celebrated the opening of the new trail segment connecting the VASA Trail in Acme to the KART Trail system in Kalkaska.

It is now possible to hike from the VASA Trailhead in Acme all the way to rejoin the NCT northeast of Kalkaska. This involves using the VASA Trail to the Big Rock on its eastern section and then proceeding east across Williamsburg Road to join the NCT in the Sand Lakes Quiet Area. Following the blue/white or white/blue metal signs, depending on which way one is walking, the NCT is the dominant trail all the way into the Kalkaska Fairgrounds area. At this location it joins the KART Trail System, then moves east on side streets, and eventually crosses US 131 & CR 612. As you enter the Log Lake area (camping is permitted), the NCT heads northeast finally uniting with the existing NCT/SST system.

This trail has been blazed with signage at key road crossings. It does need mileage signs.

See Tart System Map (not all new connections are shown)
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