Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Help Historic Trees

historic tree
(photo by from Extra Dirt)
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a news release of National Home Garden Club

Do you know of a tree that is exceptional in some way? Maybe one that has stood in your town square for generations, or one that's made the perfect backdrop for family photos through the years?

Now you can give that tree the recognition it deserves. In July, American Forests launched a Historic Tree Register, and they need your help to get the nation's most memorable trees into the spotlight.

You can nominate a tree that has historical significance, or a tree that's special to you personally. Trees that are selected for the register may be propagated and sold by American Forests, so that special tree can live on and bring joy to others.

Since 1917, American Forests has been researching and documenting trees that witnessed history. Our Historic Tree Program brings history alive by propagating and selling the offspring of trees connected to famous people, events, and places. American Forests’ collection has grown to over 2,000 historic trees, but there are many worthy trees still unrecognized.

Trees do so much for us. This is a cool opportunity to do something for them.

See how to register Historic Trees
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