Saturday, September 19, 2009

Manistee to Celebrate Man-Made Lake Purchase

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Existing and Proposed Access to Man-Made Lake, Manistee
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based on a news article in the Ludington Daily News

Manistee’s Man-Made Lake shore has been rescued from development which would block both views of the water, and some public use. Most of the shoreline now belongs to the city of Manistee and will be returned to recreational use. From 1970 through 2006 that was the primary use.

In 2006 Sand Products, the owner, announced that it planned to build homes on the property. City officials and private citizens worked together to obtain the funds to purchase the land. The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund provided a grant for part of the money, and Manistee is now the official owner.

The land was originally a large sand dune, but was mined for use by the auto industry beginning in the 1930s.

People are invited to help celebrate the purchase of Man-Made Lake on September 26, at 2 pm in the lake’s parking lot. Manistee Community Development Director Jon Rose said that there will be music, speeches and probably refreshments. A tent will provide shelter, and there will be a shuttle bus to and from Fifth Avenue Beach.

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