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Baldwin Rotary Helps Build Sterling Marsh Boardwalk

Sterling Marsh Boardwalk
completed boardwalk
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by JHY

Today the Baldwin Rotary Club showed up in force to help build another section of raised boardwalk in Sterling Marsh on the North Country Trail. This section of trail, in Lake County, has long been a problem area for hikers because of the high water table. One could expect muddy boots most any time, and the potential for needing to wade very real in spring through early summer.

So far this summer the Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the North Country Trail Association has built 436 feet of boardwalk which now stretch into the marsh, beckoning people to explore the area. This section was funded through the National Park Service.

digging post holes for Sterling Marsh Boardwalk
digging post holes

The process of building a boardwalk of this type begins with digging a lot of holes! The posts need to be set firmly, but it takes a lot of muscle power and time to put in two holes every eight feet. Having all the help from the Rotary Club members was great. The goal today was to get a good start on an additional 112 feet of boardwalk which is being funded by the Forest Service.

cutting boards for Sterling Marsh Boardwalk
cutting boards

Thanks to a purchase funded by the Park Service last year, the chapter now owns a small generator. This allows projects like this to be accomplished much more easily than with hand tools. Boards can be cut on site, and the generator is small enough to carry to the boardwalk sections so that power drivers can be used to screw the boards down. Trail Work Coordinator, Ed Chappel, quickly cut the decking to length.
stringers added to Sterling Marsh Boardwalk
laying out the stringers

By the time I had to leave, the boardwalk was taking shape. The stringers were being put in place, and all the wood had been carried to the location. I suspect that enough people stayed long enough to nearly complete the additional 112 feet today. Whatever is not done today will be finished by the regular "seniors" work group.

In addition to the boardwalk work, a number of people worked hard to rehabilitate sections of trail which are high enough to be dry. The trail here is very old, and has become entrenched. Using McCleods and Pulaskis, special hand tools, this small army improved the treadway to make it more level and encourage proper water drainage.

Many thanks to the people who turned out today to help make Sterling Marsh an appealing place to hike, rather than a nasty challenge!

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