Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of the Road for Beach Use?

sign at end of 121st Ave
sign at end of 121st Ave (photo by Dennis R.J. Geppert, Holland Sentinel)
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based on a news item in the Grand Rapids Press

For about ten years the courts have been trying to determine whether people can use the beach at the end of the road in Ganges Township, Michigan. Access to Lake Michigan has never been in question. The issue is whether people can picnic, sunbathe, and make use of the beach area in other ways. The road easement is for travel, and does not actually provide for a public beach. In the 1800's there was a tannery, pier, and village at the end of the road. All these have vanished, leaving only the dead end road.

This week, the Michigan Court of Appeals was scheduled to hear the case. On one side are the landowners on each side of the road end. They are tired of litter, noise, and trespassing. On the other hand, neighbors and other people have been regularly using this access for over 40 years, and they say that this gives them the rights of "adverse possession." Ganges Township sides with those who desire to use the beach.

The case is important because of the precedent it can set for other road ends on Lake Michigan. Yet the situation is so confused that there are actually conflicting signs about allowed uses at the 121st Street road end.

No news report has followed as yet, giving a decision.

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eeddingt said...

I've been waiting to hear the ruling on this! The court was supposed to hear it last week (Wednesday Sep 9).

Sharkbytes said...

I know! But I haven't seen anything about that happening, and then of course, nothing about whether a ruling was made.

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