Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walkability of US 10-31 Discussed

Ludington Avenue with no sidewalks
there are no sidewalks on Ludington Avenue east of the Hospital, or beyond (photo by JHY)

based on a story in the Ludington Daily News, July 25, 2014

Harry Burkholder, a community planner with the Land Information Access Association, recently facilitated a three-day session to discuss the walkability of the US 10-31 corridor between Ludington and Scottville. As many people are aware, pedestrians and cyclists use these seven miles of road all the time, but they are neither safe nor happy doing so. The worn and wandering pathways through dirt and grass show just how much foot traffic the corridor sustains.

This type of session, called a charrette, brings together designers, interested parties and citizens to look at a particular problem. "We are looking at ways Pere Marquette Township and the county could work on a joint planning effort, "Burkholder said.

Citizens input included requests for fewer curb cuts and driveways. Zoning could be used to create uniform access to a pathway for walking and biking with uniform signage. Mason County already requires new construction to include such paths, which is why the new Applebees's has a short stretch of sidewalk that does not connect to anything. It's a start.

Burkholder suggested the formation of a corridor improvement authority which would function in a similar manner to a city or village Development Authority. He also suggested ways in which the improvements could be financed. He was encouraged at the turnout for the charrette. "You can tell people want to see change," he commented.

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