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Flip City, Shelby, Ranked #2 Disc Golf Course in World

disc golf
disc golf (photo by Garret Ellison)

based on a news article in the Oceana Herald Journal

Shelby's Flip City Disc Golf Course is ranked second in the world by The annual Farm Classic tournament has been held at Flip City for 14 years, and the course has been in existence since 1980. Back then, golfers aimed their Frisbee-like disks at trees as targets. The chain cages were added in 1998.

The discs for the game are smaller than recreational Frisbees, and come in a variety of weights and designs, serving roles similar to the different clubs in regular golf.

Flip City has many challenges, including changes in elevation, variation in length of the holes (200-700 feet), and cages placed in difficult locations.

Jeff Schwass is an administrator of the Farm Classic, and also one of its creators. The course itself was laid out by Bill McKenzie and Nick Elliot, on the McKenzie family farm. In 2001, the course was expanded to include 24 holes, and cement pads at the tees have been added.

The recent Farm Classic drew 96 pro players, as many as can be accommodated. Saturday's competitions were in the amateur division. Players must compete in 9 of the 12 state events in the J-Bird Players Series to qualify for the state championships, and points are earned based on rank of finish.

Play at Flip City costs just $1 per round. The course is located on Pierce Road, between Shelby and Hesperia.

With several full disc golf courses in Mason County, the area has become a hot spot for the sport.

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