Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pentwater to Add Shopper's Dock

pentwater map
proposed location of transient docks

by JHY, based on a news item in the Ludington Daily News

I read with interest last week that the Village of Pentwater is planning space for boaters to be able to dock temporarily. Day users could leave their boats, shop or eat and then return to continue their voyage or recreational outing. This is known as a transient or shopper's dock.

Rob Allard, Village Manager, stated that it will not technically be a dock, but a seawall where boats can tie up for as long as three hours. It is to be located at the foot of 3rd Street. The space will accommodate boats up to 23 feet in length.

This interests me, because earlier this summer a friend and I kayaked in Pentwater Lake. There is a very small space between 4th and 5th Streets where people can park and put in small boats. When we returned to take our boats out, the entire space was taken up by some kayaks that had been pulled out and left temporarily in the area. We had to wait until the paddlers returned and cleared the space. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long, but it did emphasize the problem. You can't really leave a boat, even to go get a snack without being in someone's way.

This will be a nice addition to the services in Pentwater.

Allard said that work will begin this fall, and should be completed in the spring.

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