Monday, July 21, 2014

GOTC- New Horizons, Seeking Advertisers

Joan Young, creator of Get Off The Couch, and Janice Sciba, new advertising manager
Joan Young, creator of Get Off The Couch, and Janice Sciba, new advertising manager

by Joan H. Young

Get Off The Couch is pleased to announce that Janice Sciba of Manistee will be joining Joan Young in a revived effort to improve and promote both this news blog and the web site Get Off The Couch. The site continues to be popular with people who are seeking information about locations in western Michigan for quiet recreation. However, in recent years, a lack of revenue has prevented me from keeping the site updated. Get Off The Couch was founded in 1997, with major web site revisions in 2006 and 2010.

Today, Janice Sciba accepted the position of Advertising Manager, and she will be seeking local businesses that want to promote their goods and services to a targeted audience. "I'm passionate about quiet outdoor recreation," Sciba said, as she chatted with me this morning. "I'm sure we can make this a viable business venture."

First things first! Most of the pages need some minor updating of contact info and some cosmetic fixes. Secondly, one of the best features of the site, the way it was envisioned, is that the information be kept current. That is not the case right now. I'll be revisiting every location to be sure things are up-to-date.

After that... there's plenty of room for expansion. There are many locations not yet included, even in the four counties I've attempted to cover: Mason, Manistee, Lake, and Oceana. Greater flexibility for printing maps is on the horizon. Then... who knows.

One thing is certain. People have continued to use Get Off The Couch, even with slightly outdated info, because in many cases, it is the only source of information about small local recreation locations.

As we get back up to speed, we'll be doing a lot more promotion. And you'll see regular postings on this blog again about quiet outdoor recreation in Michigan, general outdoor health tips, tech "stuff," and more.

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Marilyn said...

Joan and Janice, this is wonderful information. We have loved GOTC since we discovered it and have used it to visit places we would never have known about. I'm so glad that the site will continue to thrive, though we have enjoyed it as we found it.

marie said...

great news!!! good luck to you both and the website

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks, Marie and Marilyn! Lots to do, but at least I'm working on it again.

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