Monday, July 28, 2014

Buttermilk Creek Park in Montague Planned

conceptual plan of Buttermilk Creek Park, Montague
conceptual plan of Buttermilk Creek Park, Montague (from Muskegon Conservation District)

based on articles in the White Lake Beacon

A park, currently located behind the Montague, Michigan, Post Office, on Ferry Street, may be more fully developed for multiple purposes. Jeff Auch, Executive Director of the Muskegon Conservation district, told the Montague city council that the proposed park could benefit recreational uses, but also improve the hydrology of Buttermilk Creek.

The plan tentatively includes an ice rink, playground and interpretive signage. Other suggestions included use of the rink as a splash pad in summer, and adding a zip line.

The city has voted to go ahead with writing a grant which would fund about 75% of the project. If approved, this money from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources [MDNR] would be in the amount of $299,300. The Downtown Development Authority will contribute the remaining 25%, which is $99,800.

The name, Buttermilk Creek Park, is not finalized.

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