Thursday, February 18, 2010

Workshops- Connecting Communities with People & Trails

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photo from West Michigan Trails & Greenways
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a news release of West Michigan Trails and Greenways

A series of one-half day workshops are being planned for West Michigan and Southwest Michigan on specific trails topics. There are a series of 4 workshops, (funding, liability and maintenance, connecting the dots, and getting started on a trail project) being offered twice each, once in Southwest Michigan (Lawrence) and once in West Michigan (West Olive).

This workshop series is for trail enthusiasts, community and county government leaders, community planners, and anyone who wants to develop their communities’ natural, cultural, and historic assets and provide healthy lifestyle, recreation, and alternative transportation options. We encourage everyone with an interest in trails, wildlife habitats and wetlands, land preservation for the future, and enhancing communities and property values to attend these workshop

Dates are March 30, June 30, August 23, and October 27, and each workshop is only $10 or $30 for the set of 4.

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