Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Ice Skating Again At Parslow Park, Muskegon

skating at Parslow Park
skating at Parslow Park, Muskegon Township (photo from MTORC)
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submitted by Michael Golliver, one of the founders of MTORC

Some of you may be old enough to remember that Muskegon Township once boasted one of the finest outdoor skating programs in West Michigan, up until its demise sometime in the 70's.

It was a source of pride to the community and created many fond memories for the children and adults who remember skating from the time they got home from work or school until they where driven inside by hunger.

Today much of the infrastructure still exists at many of the township parks which still have the old paved rinks with raised edges and buildings once heated for skate changing.

This year a handful of volunteers from the newly formed Muskegon Township Parks & Recreation Committee worked with the township government to get water turned on at Parslow Park and began building an ice skating rink. They call themselves the MY Township Organized Recreation Coalition (MTORC)

The ice rink is complete and was opened on February 12th and is open to the public free during regular park hours.

"We've had a lot of fun making the ice rink", says one of the volunteers, Michael Golliver, "It's great to have a reason to meet with friends outside and get some exercise and fresh air in the middle of winter!"

He stated, It's a small rink this year, and all of us would like to see skating in the parks return to its former glory and this can happen with some organization and commitment from a few more volunteers.

We need to recognize it's a different world than it was in the past. Today, schools, local and state governments are strapped for cash and so many programs are being cut.

Fortunately, we have proven that with a little elbow grease and less than an estimated 50 dollars of townships water, volunteers can build a skating rink in a park which everyone can use!

We have been amazed at the outpouring of support we have received from the community, when a local business heard of the difficulty we were having with lumps due to a snowmobile crossing our rink early on, they donated resources to remedy it.

We also have received donations of hockey equipment from individuals and it's really been wonderful.

Although this rink is a success in its own right, we are really looking forward to next year.

Early planning is the key, if you would like to get involved or just to learn more please contact this year's volunteers on the web.

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The Kano said...

Good for you for getting involved! I cannot even roller skate let alone ice skate but it looks like fun.

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