Tuesday, February 9, 2010

National Trails Day 2010

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from the American Hiking Society

"Find Your Happy Place!" Since it was begun in 1993, National Trails Day® has come to be recognized as a premier day to celebrate trails throughout the 50 United States, DC, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. There are now usually over 1000 events registered each year.

Officially the first Saturday in June, events include hikes, bike and horse rides, trail dedications, paddlesport events, and trail maintenance. Local sponsors include parks, agencies, local clubs, businesses, trusts and other organizations. This year's date is June 5, 2010.

The theme this year is "Find Your Happy Place." Where do you go to find peace and quiet and make your troubles melt away? Do you bike to a historic site on a rail trail? Or hike to a mountain vista? Maybe you paddle to a swimming hole or walk in your local park? The theme for NTD 2010, Find Your Happy Place ☺, encourages all Americans to get outside, connect with local hiking clubs, outdoor retailers, local parks and recreation departments or federal land managing agencies to experience, appreciate and celebrate the outdoor places that make us happy. "Whether you’re an avid outdoor adventure seeker or new to our nation’s network of trails, American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day connects children and adults with nature so all may experience the joy and happiness that the outdoors elicits in each of us,” said Gregory Miller, American Hiking Society president.

Anyone can register an event with the American Hiking Society. And if your event fits better on a different date, that is no problem!

"The Outdoor Industry Association's annual Outdoor Recreation Participation Study for the United States 2006 reports that 72.1% of all Americans 16 and older (or 162 million people) participate in at least one of the 22 outdoor activities they track, which include:76.7 million hiking; 13.5 million backpacking; 40.4 million trail running; and 10 million cross country skiing." (quoted from AHS)

Save National Trails Day for outdoor fun! Watch for local events as they are registered at the American Hiking Society over the next few months.

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Anonymous said...

I love hiking. That sounds like a great idea. Must look out for stuff like that happening over here.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I have participated in several, and planned several others. Hope there is something like it on your side of the pond.

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