Thursday, February 11, 2010

Muskegon Luge Volunteer to be Olympic Flagbearer

Mark Grimette
Mark Grimette (AP photo)
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based on a news article in the Detroit Free Press

When Muskegon State Park began building what is now the Winter Sports Complex, Mark Grimmette and his friend, Jim Rudicil pitched in and helped to build what is now one of the few public luge runs in the country. Rudicil now directs that complex. Grimmette is a member of the US Olympic Luge Team.

And, this Wednesday, the other American athletes voted Grimmette to be the United States flagbearer, and he will lead the way as the team marches into the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver.

Grimmette, and his partner, Brian Martin, are the most successful American doubles luge team in history. They have won three World Cup titles, an Olympic bronze medal in 1998 and a silver medal in 2002.

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