Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowshoe Outings at Ludington State Park

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a news release of Ludington State Park

Ludington State Park is offering free guided snowshoe walks on Saturdays, weather permitting, starting January 9th through February 27, 2010. These 1 ½ hour guided snowshoe nature / history programs will take you out through Ludington State Park’s snow-covered sand dunes. There are two walks given each Saturday start at 3:00 P.M. or try the “Moonlight Walk” at 7:00 P.M. Tired of skiing, looking for something that is much easier than skiing, or just want to try something different? Come out to experience for yourself the ease and fun of walking in snowshoes! We will teach you how easy it is to put on and use snowshoes. Snowshoeing can be done by anyone at any age. “If you can walk you can snowshoe.” Did you know that one hour of moderate walking in snowshoes burns off 750 calories? Also, snowshoeing is one of the safest winter activities!

All walks begin and end at the Warming Shelter, located next to the parking lot at the end of Michigan Highway M-116. We have over 40 pairs of snowshoes to loan out on a first come first serve basis. Our loaner snowshoes will fit people ages 8 years old and up to 100 years old! If you have your own pair of snowshoes just bring them along and don’t forget to bring your friends! Dress warm, wear good fitting winter walking shoes or boots, and bring a flashlight if you’re going to attend the “Moonlight Walk.” Your family, friends, and you will truly enjoy this winter fun activity”

A Michigan State Parks and Recreation Motor Vehicle Permit will be required and on sale when you arrive at the Park.

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