Sunday, January 24, 2010

1300 Acres on Pere Marquette Protected

Pere Marquette River
Pere Marquette River (photo from the Land Conservancy of West Michigan)
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condensed from the Fall 2009 Newsletter of the Land Conservancy of West Michigan

To date over 1300 acres of land along the Pere Marquette River, or it's tributaries, has been protected by partnerships between the Land Conservancy of West Michigan and 13 separate families. Two recent stories follow:

One parcel, adjacent to the Manistee National Forest Rainbow Rapids Access has been owned by the Smith family for four generations. Brothers Bob and Rick Smith and sister, Diane Jensen, donated this conservation easement in December 2008. The LCWM says, "The property has more than a third of a mile on both sides of the Pere Marquette; its pools, gravel riffles and wetland oxbow plus the naturally forested banks create both an ideal wildlife and fisheries habitat and superior water quality."

On McDuffee Creek in Newaygo County, Chuck and Pat Bloom protected their 155 acres. McDuffee Creek flows into the South Branch of the Pere Marquette. The property includes wetland and lowland habitat. It provides a buffer, helping to protect trout, reptiles and amphibians. This parcel also abuts the National Forest. The Bloom family has owned the property for 55 years. An easement means that the family can continue to own the land, but that it can never be sold for development.

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