Thursday, January 21, 2010

Phast Winter Thaw Adventure Race- Feb 6

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adventure race POI flag (photo from Phast)
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from Phast Adventures

Phast Adventures and Trailhead Bike Shop are planning the second annual Urban Adventure Run. The event is part scavenger hunt, part running race, and all fun. The course is approximately four miles. Teams of two will enter, and be timed from the starting point, which is 108 Threads, located downtown. Clues will lead teams to various points of interest, POI, in Ludington. Teams will receive clues, a map and a "passport."

At each POI there is a flag with a number and a punch. Teams will punch the corresponding number on their passport. The object is to return to 108 Threads with all numbers punched.

There will be winners for male/male teams, female/female, and male/female teams. Drawings for several random winners will also be made. Entrants may take any route they wish to reach the POIs, so good planning may overcome speed. Running is not required. Fun is emphasized.

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