Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail in Fundraising Mode

Kalamazoo River Trail
Kalamazoo River Trail (photo from the Kalamazoo Shopper)
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based on a news article in the Kalamazoo Shopper

The Kalamazoo River Trail was born in 1991 through the efforts of the River Partners. The Partners' focus was to reclaim the Kalamazoo River. Five years later, in 1996, one section of trail was opened.

It takes years of planning to create this type of trail. In 2008, a section from Westnedge Ave. to Penn Street opened, and in November, 2009, another section from Mosel Ave. to Mayor’s Riverfront Park became reality.

Amy Knape is a grant writer and spokesperson for the project. she explained that all the advance work is being done by volunteers. As each segment is complete it is turned over to the county to be maintained as a park. When completed the trail will be paved for 35 miles. This requires $18.6 million, and another $2 for a maintenance endowment.

The fundraising is being accomplished in phases. Currently, $1.2 million must be raised by the end of January.

Anyone may use the trail at no charge.

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