Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sutton's Bay Ice Rink In Great Condition

Sutton's Bay Ice Rink
Jeff Dailey of Suttons Bay Township and his son Jackson skate (photo from the Leelanau News)
based on a news article of the Leelanau News, "Smooth skating," by Eric Carlson, Feb 1, 2009

The Sutton's Bay ice rink at Broadway and Lincoln Streets is in the best condition anyone has seen in years. Jeff Dailey laced up his skates, took a spin, and came back impressed.

“Whoever is taking care of the ice rink this winter is doing a really beautiful job,” said Dailey as the Suttons Bay Township father was spending a little time last week showing his 5-year-old son, Jackson, how to slap a hockey puck around.

The property is owned by Suttons Bay Township. Except for the winter months it is the site of a weekly farmer’s market.

The unseasonably low temperatures are creating good ice conditions at many outdoor rinks. But local volunteers Chris Gauden and municipal workers have been paying special attention to the Sutton's Bay rink. Local hockey enthusiasts asked the township to ready the "ice rink park" as soon as possible this year. Gauden said that he would help with maintenance.

The township partnered with the Village of Suttons Bay’s Department of Public Works to flood the park using water from fire hydrants, and plow snow from the rink as necessary, using the village’s plow trucks. Gauden says, "I love to see it get used and have enjoyed it myself more than once ... I love to skate with the kids! I wouldn’t have enjoyed the success I have had if it weren’t for the help of many other people, including students at Suttons Bay Schools. It’s good to get such a cross section of our community involved.” Leelanau Township reports better-than-usual success this year with its rink at Braman Hill Park. There is also a rink at Hancock Park, and an area of South Bar Lake in Empire Township is kept clear for skating. Ongoing snow removal is often the most time consuming and labor intensive task.

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