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Sierra Club Wants to Safeguard Wild Places

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from the Michigan Sierra Club

You can enjoy Michigan's special forests while helping to protect them.

The Sierra Club invites you to join us in helping the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) seek out, find, and designate the most special places in our Michigan State Forest system.

Michigan's 4 million acres of State Forests are home to lakes, rivers, vernal pools, and other gems. Recently, the DNR has begun designating the most special of these areas as "High Value Conservation Forests". They have instituted a public nomination process which allows the public to identify, and then nominate, these special pieces of our forests for protected status.

The Sierra Club is beginning a program to help citizens identify and nominate the areas of our forests most deserving of protection. We will train folks in what the requirements are, ask you to scout out areas with which you are familiar, and help in completing the nominating form which will be submitted to the DNR for nomination.

The Sierra Club Forest Ecologist, Marvin Roberson, will be conducting the training and assisting with the nomination process. I will be coordinating volunteer involvement in this exciting project. This is your opportunity to get out in the woods and help protect the places you love!

Michigan has the largest State Forest system in the country. And recently the Department of Natural Resources started developing plans that will determine what lands are protected, how habitat is managed, where to locate recreational areas, and how much logging occurs (and where). With the timber industry demanding increased logging, the growing idea of using wood for biomass energy, plus competing pressures on the land for recreational and economic development activities, Michigan’s state forests are facing a critical crossroads.

Your knowledge and concern for Michigan’s public forests can help move our forests in the right direction and protect our natural heritage. Do you know a special place on Michigan’s state forest lands that deserves special protection? You can help to nominate and work to protect high conservation value forests by contacting Sierra Club Forest Policy Specialist Marvin Roberson here.

Please contact me to get involved with this program! Call 517-484-2372 or email Amanda Hightree

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