Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grand Vision Survey Resuts Say Stop Sprawl

The Grand Vision

from a news article of Traverse City Record-Eagle, "Grand Vision survey results are in," by Melissa Domsic, Dec 20, 2008

The Grand Vision has been hailed as one of the most publicly supported surveys in the nation concerning the growth of the Grand Traverse Area.

Now the results are in. People was growth contained more to urban areas, and sprawl to be minimized. People want expanded public transportation, more sidewalks and bike trails.

More than 12,000 people in the six counties in the Traverse City area completed the scorecard for the Grand Vision. There is a great desire to preserve the small-town character, and restrict sprawl. Towns like Suttons Bay, Elk Rapids, or Kingsley have their own unique flavor, and that should remain unchanged.

"The preferred scenario keeps a small urban footprint with growth in villages and cities and preservation of open rural space."

"It is clear that people do not want the future to simply be a continuation of the patterns seen today which could result in additional sprawl, loss of rural lifestyle and potential decay of the towns and villages," the report stated.

Of the four scenarios on the scorecard, Scenario C garnered 51% (5,946) of the votes. It reads: "Growth centered in cities and villages, especially in Traverse City and Cadillac. Open rural land will be largely preserved. Expanded regional bus service, sidewalks and bike paths in villages and cities but limited new or widened roads."

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