Monday, December 8, 2008

Meinert Park May Become Largest Muskegon County Park

Meinert Dunes
dune land that could become Meinert Park
photo from White Lake Beacon
from a news release of The White Lake Beacon, "Grant Awarded to Extend Meinert Park," by Jonah Ogles, Dec 8, 2008

Last week's Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund announcements suggest that Meinert Park in Muskegon County could double in size. If the legislature appropriates the funds, $428,300 will be awarded to the county to acquire 95 acres of dunes, woods and wetlands. The park would then be 184 acres. The new property would most likely be used for new hiking trails.

"We’re very happy," said Dan Dekker, who inherited the land after his father purchased it in 1980. "This is something my dad had talked about for a while."

The grant will cover 75% of the cost of acquiring the land, with a maximum amount of $428,300. The DNR will determine the final purchase price based on fair market value. The remainder of the funds will have to be raised through private donations. Approximately $142,755 will be needed. The landowners are donating at least $10,000 worth of land value to the match. Nearby homeowners associations are also contributing.

"We’re really excited about it," said Rick Steketee of the Lost Valley Association. "We think it’s a great addition. Meinert is just a gem of a park."

The Michigan Land Conservancy will lead the campaign to raise the rest of the funding. However, there are still a lot of steps before this is part of the park, warned the Conservancy. The legislature must approve the grants, the DNR must determine a fair market value for the property, the landowners must agree to the price and the private match must be raised.

Those interested in giving money towards the addition of the Dekker/Rottman property to Meinert Park can make donations either at the Land Conservancy’s website ( or by mail at 1345 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 324, Grand Rapids, MI 49505. All donations, whether by check or online, should be designated for the Meinert County Park Expansion.

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