Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WE WON $1000 for the NCTA


If everyone acts quickly we could win $1000 for the NCTA!

Go to
Register on the site (they will not send you lots of junk emails)
Log in and go back to
Click on the top right star above the picture of the sad, burned Kekekabic Trail

All votes must be cast by midnight (EST) Tuesday, December 9. Last week's winner had 334 votes, so tell your friends. We'll have to enlist a bunch of trail supporters to make it happen.

(I won't lie, the win would also provide me some money which would allow me to continue to do things like provide this blog and the NCT News blog, but I promise to donate $1000 to NCTA, and $1000 to World Vision)

Go To for all the news
See Get Off The Couch

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