Friday, November 23, 2007

Pere Marquette River Management Plan - Big Changes

Indian Bridge
Indian Bridge
The new Pere Marquette River Management Plan would bring big changes to local recreation spots along the river. Comments on the plan will be accepted through December 10.

Huron Manistee National Forest Supervisor, LeAnne Martin says that the new plan attempts to preserve a balance between the needs of recreation users, and protecting the river resources. The plan, if adopted as is close access to the river from federal land from midnight to 4 am. It would also impact the following locations, alphabetically:

  • 40th St:
    expanded facilites

  • Bowman Bridge:
    parking plowed in winter

  • Elk Campsite:
    restroom facilities improved

  • Logmark Campsite:
    restroom facilities improved

  • Gleason's Landing:
    a back-down boat launch will be added
    boat slide removed
    parking expanded including Jorgenson's
    parking plowed in winter

  • Green Cottage
    parking plowed in winter

  • Indian Bridge:
    bridge modified to accomdate drift boats

  • Lower Branch Bridge:
    10 parking spaces built

  • M-37 Bridge:
    parking plowed in winter in Forest Service takes over management

  • Maple Leaf Campsite:
    restroom facilities improved
    parking expanded
    parking plowed in winter

  • Rainbow Rapids:
    parking plowed in winter

  • Sulak Landing:
    parking plowed in winter in Forest Service takes over management

  • Upper Branch Bridge:
    parking plowed in winter

  • Walhalla Bridge:
    parking plowed in winter in Forest Service takes over management

    The biggest changes could come to Indian Bridge. When the bridge was rebuilt three years ago, the deck remained at the same elevation, but a different substructure now hinders passage of boats except for canoes or kayaks. The county estimates that to raise the bridge could cost as much as $200,000.

    Changes would come as well to the watercraft permit system. All watercraft would be required to have a permit from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day. Weekends from Labor Day through October 31 would also be under the permit system.

    Riparian permits will be recalled and reissued with each tax parcel receiving one permit.

    from the Ludington Daily News, Nov 23, 2007
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