Friday, November 9, 2007

West Michigan Mycological Society Disbands

The West Michigan Mycological Society was founded in 1982, and for 25 years the group studied the mushrooms and fungi of the region. Obe Shrader was chief mycologist for 20 of those years. It was, at one time, the largest and most active mushroom club in Michigan.

Shrader died in 2003, and a series of presidents followed. However, several people left the area, and the club was unable to find a new leader.

A committee was formed to determine how to disband. Remaining funds were used to buy books on mycology which were donated to the Mason County Library, West Shore Community College, Mason-Lake Conservation District, and the local Michigan State University Extension.

All of the society records were placed in a fire-proof cabinet and donated to White Pine Village.

Memorable names from the role of the club include Stan Schilling, Ron Wilson, Don Martz, Roger Thurow, Monica Mae Paukstis, Gene Campbell, Glenna Paukstis, Nancy Rossi, and Pat Willick.

from the Ludington Daily News, Nov 9, 2007

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