Monday, August 5, 2019

Ludington Avenue West End Promenade Opens

Ludington Avenue West End Promenade
Ludington Lighthouse as seen from the promenade (photo by jhy)

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Ludington Avenue's West End project (Ludington, Michigan) opened this week to the public. Formerly, the space was entirely devoted to parking. This has been reduced to eight standard spaces and one van-accessible handicap parking spot. Now there are beds of native plants, a level paved area for gatherings, lighting, and benches.

This change has been somewhat controversial, as some people have questioned removal of so much public parking. It remains to be seen how the new space will be used.

There are several future items to be added which include a kayak rack, donor plaques, possibly bicycle racks, a drinking fountain and water bottle filling station.

The project has been funded by grants and private donations, with West Shore Bank leading the list from private donors.

Ludington Avenue West End Promenade
native plants in bloom at the promenade entrance (photo by jhy)

An official ribbon cutting will be held in the near future.

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