Friday, August 16, 2019

Four Hikers Rescued from Nordhouse Dunes

Nordhouse Lake
Nordhouse Lake (photo by jhy)

excerpted from an article in the Ludington Daily News

Four hikers were rescued on Tuesday from the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness. They had become disoriented and were off the trails.

They left the trail head at about 6 pm on Monday but called 911 around 1:00 in the morning, telling dispatch they had very little battery life left on the phone and did not know where they were.

The Mason County Sheriff's Office, Grant Township Fire Department and Michigan State Police responded. The search continued until 6 am, when law enforcement personnel were losing battery power on their own lights. The search resumed shortly, and the group was located at 9:43, about a half mile west of the trailhead on Nurnberg Road.

The lost hikers were tired and insect bitten, but had no serious injuries and did not seek medical treatment. They also had plenty of food and water.

MSP Trooper Connor Crutchfield recommended that hikers have a map of the area, or take a photo of one of the maps posted at several trail junctions, and be sure your phone battery is fully charged. Service within the wilderness is poor.

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