Friday, August 2, 2019

Arcadia Marsh Boardwalk/Trail Opens

Arcadia Marsh, located along the Lake Michigan shoreline, in Arcadia, Michigan has just opened a trail and boardwalk across the 155-acre Arcadia Marsh Nature Preserve that is universally accessible.

This 0.75-mile trail is an easy walk for most, and is now open to those with mobility difficulties. There are trailheads on M-22 at the south edge of Arcadia, and on St. Pierre Road, between Frederick and Glover's Lake Roads. A walk out and back would be 1.5 miles. Much of the trail is on boardwalk, and includes two fishing platforms and three observation decks. The trail parallels Bowen's Creek, which flows into Arcadia Lake, and then into Lake Michigan.

More than 150 species of birds have been sighted at the marsh, along with mammals, fish and other wildlife.

Great Lakes coastal marsh ecosystems have become rare, with less than 20% of the estimated original marshlands remaining. These marshes are high in productivity and diversity. Only about 15 remain in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Arcadia Marsh is protected by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.

The Conservancy is seeking to acquire an additional 32 acres of grassland adjoining the marsh to serve as a buffer. Invasive species can be better controlled and development encroachment on the marsh can be held at a further distance.

from Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy
download a pdf map of Arcadia Marsh Trail

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