Monday, October 31, 2011

Three Equestrian Campsites to Open in Pigeon River SF

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based on an article in the Grand Rapids Press

When 15 equestrian campsites in the Pigeon River State Forest were closed three years ago, horseback riders were not pleased. However, the Fish and Wildlife Service stated that the move was necessary because the land had been purchased with fish and game monies, and those needs had to be given priority.

Now, three of the sites are being reopened. These are located on property which was not bought with fish and wildlife funds. They are also sites with no facilities. They simply provide legal places to cam, but have no electricity, water, or bathroom facilities. These sites were opened as a result of the Right to Ride Legislation which was enacted last year, and forced the DNR to develop recommendations for equestrian access.

The only site in the Pigeon River State Forest which had remained open to horse use was the Elk Hill Campsite. The number of sites is now raised to four, total. The reopened sites are near Cheboygan County’s Lost Lake along the northern border of the state forest, near Oxbow Creek Road in southeast Cheboygan County, and off of East Sturgeon Valley Road south of the Elk Hill Campground in Otsego County.

Equestrians are expected to be glad for the shift, but to be less than happy about the small provision for their recreation desires.

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