Tuesday, October 25, 2011

based on news from MSNBC

A Chassel, Michigan man, John Wallace, was mauled to death in Yellowstone Park in August. The bear was euthanized on October 3 because it has been linked to another bear fatality in July of this year.

Yellowstone officials say that the July attack was explainable, because the bear- a mother with cubs- was surprised by hikers, who ran when the bear confronted them. However, with the same bear being linked by DNA to the August attack, the decision was made to eliminate that bear.

There is about one bear injury for every 3 million human visits to Yellowstone Park, which means there is an incident about once a year. However there were none in 2010.

Visitors from the east, who are used to black bears, would do well to study up on the differences in how you should respond to grizzlies. In either case, running is the worst possible choice because it provokes the bear's chase response.

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