Monday, October 3, 2011

Crockery Township Rescue patch

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Crockery Township (Ottawa County) Fire Chief, Gary Dreyer, reported that a hiker was rescued on Monday, September 26. The man, in his 40's, had been hiking in the Crockery Creek Natural Area. He apparently fell and hit his head on a log. The hiker and a friend were following a deer trail into a ravine. One man stepped on a rotting log and lost his footing, falling on another log.

Fortunately the friend was able to call 911. Although the Natural Area is not far from "civilization," the shortest route to reach the injured hiker was through heavy brush. Dreyer described the extraction as "labor intensive." He also cited recent rains as creating difficult and slippery conditions.

It was impossible to get an ATV to the scene, so the man was carried out on a stretcher, the old-fashioned way. The injured man was taken to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids to be checked out, but was conscious and alert by that time.

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