Friday, April 16, 2010

Nordhouse Views Will Not be Marred by Turbines

map of proposed wind turbine sites in Nordhouse Dunes
map of proposed turbine sites
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from the Manistee National Forest

The proposal to build 20 - 28 wind turbines in the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness has been withdrawn. White Pines Wind Farm LLC first submitted an application for a special use permit to the Huron-Manistee National Forest in August 2008. Since that time, a great deal of data has been collected, and public comment was received.

The project has had mixed reception. Although many people favor alternative energy, the placement of these turbines was problematic. The Nordhouse Dunes is the Lower Peninsula's (Michigan) only designated wilderness area. This means that not only are motorized tools/vehicles not allowed, but not even wheeled vehicles such as bicycles, canoe carts, etc. The purpose of wilderness to preserve areas with as little evidence of human interference as possible. The sight of the huge turbines above the trees was simply a hard pill to swallow for wilderness lovers.

White Pines Wind Farm, LLC, a subsidiary of BP has informed the Forest Service that they have reviewed recent wind resource data, and have decided to withdraw their proposal for Nordhouse Dunes. The project would have generated 50-70 MW of power.

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