Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grayling Skate Park is Small but Important Rec Option

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Grayling Skate Park (photo by Harry Brumer)
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based on a news article at Up North Live

The Grayling Skate Board Park is a real effort of love by the youth of the city. Skaters have always faced problems with business owners when they try to skate on sidewalks and in parking lots. Sixteen-year-old Trey Townsend said, "I just would like to have a place where we can just go there and not have any problems or anything."

Trey is now 21, and thanks to his efforts, and many other people, there is now a place for skateboarders and BMXers in Grayling. His idea was to use the city ice skating rink, only change its purpose in the summer when the large concrete area sat empty.

He and other kids raised $2000, mostly by collecting cans, and with bake sales, and the city chipped in $7000. The city is pleased to be able to offer another sports venue, but expects that the users will do most of the maintenance.

The park should be fully open by the end of the school year.

Visitors to the park who have posted comments at the Concrete Disciples web site say that the park is small, and is probably not a destination park for serious boarders. But it's quite likely that the kids of Grayling are happy enough to have the park to themselves.

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