Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guide to Great Lakes Fishes Now Available

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from Michigan Sea Grant

How can you definitively tell the difference between freshwater fishes? Use this handy, waterproof guide for successful fish identification. This full-color guide features 62 beautiful illustrations of the most commonly found fish in the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes are home to an impressive variety of fishes. The Guide to Great Lakes Fishes describes sixty-two of the region's most commonly found species, from giants like the Lake Sturgeon to minnows and shiners

Each profile includes quick facts about distribution, diet, behavior and conservation status. Informative essays on the natural history, adaptations, and characteristics of Great Lakes fishes are also covered. Also included are detailed diagrams of the Great Lakes food chain.

Both the soft cover (waterproof paper) and a limited edition hard cover are available from Michigan Sea Grant. The waterproof copy sells for $22.

Explore Fishes, Plants, Rocks and More- Choose either the Guide to Great Lakes Fishes (new) the Guide to Great Lakes Coastal Plants or the Lake Michigan Rock-pickers Guide and receive a free invasive species notepad.

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Copas said...

A good field guide is a must-have for an explorer like me. This is a good one. Your article about ferns in Nature Center Magazine is a good one too.

Emma Springfield said...

Hello, Sharkbytes. It's Emma from Nature Center Magazine. This site is very informative. I like the way you are promoting your area of the world with up-to-date news. I have enjoyed browsing through this site. The fish guide looks very interesting.

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